What is Trilogy Exclusive?

Trilogy Exclusive is a monthly membership that offers unique discs, but more important, unique stamps in collaboration and partnership with Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. If you want to stay a member, you choose to rejoin each month. Think of Trilogy Exclusive like season tickets. As long as you are a current member, you will be the first to be offered the monthly Trilogy Exclusive special. If you choose not to renew, your spot will be offered to either the waitlist or the general public. When you are ready to come back, you can either add yourself to the waitlist or wait until offered back to the general public. Once you are a member, you control how long you have access to the perks. Why would you ever leave?

Registration is open until the 10th of each month if spots are available

Each monthly membership pack includes:
1 Premium Disc,
1 Base Line Disc
Matching Premium Themed Trading Card
Matching Baseline Themed 6x6 Collector Postcard
Free Shipping
10% at www.trilogytalkdg.com
Access to the Trilogy Lounge via Trilogy Talk

Price could adjust depending on the contents, but on average the cost per box is $32.99

March 2023 Trilogy Exclusive Membership

What does March 2023 provide for $32.99

Westside Discs Tournament Pine
Ltitude 64 Retro Burst River
Themed Pine Trading Card
Themed River 6x6 Collector Postcard
Free Shipping
10% off via www.trilogytalkdg.com
Access to the Trilogy Lounge Via Trilogy Talk