Basic Explanation

Trilogy Exclusive is a monthly membership that offers unique discs, but more important, unique stamps in collaboration and partnership with Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, and Westside Discs. If you want to stay a member, you choose to rejoin each month. Think of Trilogy Exclusive like season tickets. As long as you are a current member, you will be the first to be offered the monthly Trilogy Exclusive special. If you choose not to renew, your spot will be offered to either the waitlist or the general public. When you are ready to come back, you can either add yourself to the waitlist or wait until offered back to the general public. Once you are a member, you control how long you have access to the perks. Why would you ever leave?

How does the monthly membership work?
Once you join, you will automatically be added to the membership.  Along with receiving the monthly items, you may also get offered special items if available that are only offered to Trilogy Exclusive memberships (Additional items not required to purchase).  If you choose to not renew, you can simply cancel your membership.  As long as you renew, you are guaranteed to maintain your membership.

As a breakdown with more details.  We order the items ahead of time and say we order 100 of a set pack, we can only offer 100 membership packages.  If the waitlist or demand is large enough, we may offer more packages for a future monthly run, but the items are ordered prior to launching the registration.

What are the different Membership Options?
We offer three different membership options to accommodate the many different needs to your fans.

Trilogy Exclusive Basic ($34.99)
Typically you will receive a Premium Disc and a Baseline Disc

Trilogy Exclusive Premium ($44.99)
Typically you will receive two Premium Discs.

Trilogy Exclusive Deluxe ($54.99)
Typically you will receive 2 Premium Discs and a Baseline Disc

All of the options above receive the following included
Free Shipping on the membership shipment
Collector Trading Card
10% off via www.trilogytalkdg.com
Access to the Trilogy Lounge

What does Premium mean?
For the membership options that refer to getting a premium disc, this means you will either get a disc in premium plastic or an exclusive run mold.  An exclusive run mold may not be in premium plastic.

When do the Monthly Membership Boxes get announced?
The Monthly Membership Boxes are announced on the 28th of each month for the upcoming months membership.

When do the Monthly Membership Boxes Ship?
The Monthly Membership Boxes will ship on the 21st of each month or earlier.

Can i move between the Membership Options from Month to Month?
All of the Memberships are considered separate and individual memberships.  If you have the Basic Membership and in a future month decide you want to upgrade to the Premium, you would cancel your Basic Membership and re-subscribe to the Premium Membership.  It does not change anything with your standings within the membership.

The Membership indicates that it is Full, can I still become a member?
If the current membership is active and indicates sold out, you may be able to get added to the waitlist, but it would be for the upcoming membership, not the active one at that time.

How does the waitlist work?
If you add yourself to the waitlist, you will be notified for the next upcoming membership.  If there are spots available to offer, you will have a 72 hours priority for that membership.  Once offered, if you choose not to become a member, you will be removed from the waitlist and will need to re-join in the future if you want to be added.

Being on the waitlist does not guarantee you a spot.

Where can I sign up for the waitlist?
Click Here

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we can ship the Trilogy Exclusive Membership Internationally, however, the customer will be responsible for the shipping cost.  There should not be a charge for shipping when you check out, so I will send international customers an invoice for shipping once that cost is determined prior to the shipment.

Can I pause/Skip my membership?
Yes, you do have the ability to pause your membership for up to two consecutive months.  If your account is paused for 2 consecutive months, your membership will be canceled.  If canceled, to renew, you would purchase a new membership, if available.

Can I choose my color, foil, or weight?
It depends on the month.  If I can offer weight, we will allow that option, but we will not offer options for color or foil selection.  If weight is not offered, then those options will be sent randomly each month.

Are the discs being offered exclusively?
The discs themselves are not exclusive to Trilogy Exclusive, but many of the stamps utilize stamps that are specific to the manufacturers and their copyright license.  With that said, if we run a stamp, it is exclusive to those molds, but we do not have control over the manufacturers or their discs, so if they choose to run the design in the future, we cannot control that.  The Premium Disc that is included is the mold we focus on for the Exclusivity of the stamp, the base line stamp, may be re-used.

What is the Trilogy Lounge?
The Trilogy Lounge is a special page via www.trilogytalkdg.com that as a current member, you will have access to.  This is the location we put any unsold membership packages, misprints, remaining trading cards, special releases and sometimes early releases to stock/limited edition items.

How to do I contact you with additional questions or concerns?
You can email us at trilogytalk@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.