Did you become a Trilogy Exclusive Member and after you received your items, you realized, it just is not what you want?  We are now offering you a Mulligan for your item or items.

You can now return your item or items for any reason and get a Mulligan to use for something else.

How it works:
* The Official Mulligan Form must be submitted by the 28th day of the month the items were issued. (Official Return Form Request)
* Ship back the item or items you do not want (Keep the Trading Card and Collector Postcard regardless).
* Once we receive the items back, we will issue you a credit to your account to use as you want.

Items must be in New and Undrown Condition.

The value received in a Gift Card will be dependent on the mold plastic that is returned.

If the entire membership box is returned, we will credit you $32.99 (the cost of the membership)

If an individual disc is returned, the same amount we would sell that item for individually will be received in credit.  (Typically, $9.99 for base line, $16.99 for premium and $19.99 for Special Edition Plastics) 

Also if an individual disc is returned, we will give and extra $2.50 to cover approximately half of shipping to return it to us.  This only applies to individual disc returns, not if the entire membership box is returned.

It is not always a perfect solution, but it gives you an option if you find yourself with an unwanted disc, without having to figure out how you are going to move it in another capacity..

Trilogy Talk and/or Trilogy Exclusive is not responsible if a package being returned is lost or stolen.